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Powerspeak- Accessing the Management Console Via the Student's Gradebook

Use this page to access Powerspeak® via the student's gradebook.
  1. Under the Students tab, select Manage Students.
    Students tab- Manage Students.png
  2. Find the student with the last name filters, dropdowns, or use the magnifying glass icon at the top of each column to filter the list of students.
    Students tab- Manage Students- filtering.png
  1. Click the Courses icon Courses.png of the student.
    Finding Nitara S via Manage Students- courses icon.png
  1. Select the radio-dial next to the World Language course.
    PS- Access via student gradebook- step 4.png
  2. Click Grades.
    PS- Access via student gradebook- step 5.png
  3. On the right, click Manage PowerSpeak.
    PS- Access via student gradebook- step 6.png
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