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Powerspeak- Adding Dates to the Calendar

Use this page to enter vacation days into the calendar.

Instructors are able to specify a start date for Powerspeak® courses, which will automatically assign dates for each lesson, as well as provide progress information (if a student is ahead, behind, or on-track). The date specified will affect all students enrolled in the course.

Please note that the Edgenuity District Calendar does not influence the Powerspeak courses. Holidays need to be added to the Powerspeak calendar. After a start date has been applied to the course, you will see gold stars on the calendar view. Click on any gold star to apply a holiday.

  1. Click the Home button within the Powerspeak system.
    PS- Customizing- home button.png
  2. Find the course and click the Classroom Properties icon PS- Vacation days- pencil icon.png.
    PS- Vacation days- click pencil.png
  3. Enter the appropriate date into the Start Date fields.
    PS- Vacation days- set start date.png
  4. Click Save.
    PS- Vacation days- click save.png
  5. Click the Classroom Calendar icon PS- Vacation days- calendar icon.png next to the same class.
    PS- Vacation days- click calendar.png
  6. Click any gold star.
    PS- Vacation days- click gold star.png
  7. Enter a title and the dates for the holiday.
    PS- Vacation days- title and date.png
  8. Checkmark the Vacation option.
    PS- Vacation days- vacation checkbox.png
  9. Click Save.
    PS- Vacation days- click save.png
  10. Those days are now blocked off and the coursework has been moved.
    PS- Vacation days- updated calendar.png
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