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Powerspeak- Adding an Assignment

Use this page to add an assignment within Powerspeak®.
  1. Click on the Home button within the Powerspeak system.
    PS- Customizing- home button.png
  2. Find the course to customize and click the List icon PS- list icon.png.
    PS- Customizing- push the list icon.png
  1. The assignments for the course are displayed. To add an assignment, select New Assignment.
    PS- Add an Assign- New Assignment.png

    The content added will not be assessed on the assessment.

  2. Create the name of the Assignment.
    PS- Add an Assign- Assignment Name.png
  3. State the allotted number of points for the assignment.
    PS- Add an Assign- Max Points.png
  4. Select the drop-down arrow and assign it to a lesson.
    PS- Add an Assign- Lesson Assigned.png
  5. Select the drop-down arrow if it is for extra credit.
    PS- Add an Assign- Extra Credit.png
  6. Select the drop-down arrow to determine the question type.
    PS- Add an Assign- Question Type.png
  7. Type the question text.
    PS- Add an Assign- Question Text.png
  8. Click Save.
    PS- Add an Assign- Click Save.png