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Powerspeak- Assigning a Retake

Use this page allow a student to retake an assignment in Powerspeak®.
  1. Click the Gradebook button PS- Retake- apple button.png.
    PS- Grading- apple icon.png
  2. Click the activity that needs to be retaken.
    PS- Retake- click on a score.png
  3. Click the grey lock iconPS- Retake- lock icon.png .
    PS- Retake- click the lock icon.png
  4. The student will see a green swirly icon in his/her assignment calendar and assignment list to show a retake has been provided.
    PS- Retake- retake icon on student screen.png
  5. On the gradebook, a score will have an asterisk.
    PS- Retake- after retake.png

    For activities that require teacher grading, the apple icon will appear PS- Grading- apple icon.png.

  6. Click the score to see the multiple attempts a student made on the activity.
    PS- Retake- taken grades.png

    The highest score will be counted, not the most recent attempt.

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