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Powerspeak- Changing a Grade

Use this page to learn how to change a grade within Powerspeak®.
  1. Click the score of the assignment to change.
    PS- Grading- changing a score- select a score.png

    The Current Grade and Total Grade calculations in the Powerspeak gradebook populate into Edgenuity's system as the Overall Grade and Relative Grade.

  2. Click the drop-down arrow next to Grades and select a score to assign.
    PS- Grading- total score.png
  3. The educator can provide feedback to the student by typing the message in the box.
    PS- Grading- leave feedback.png
  4. The educator can also leave audio feedback.
    PS- Grading- leave audio feedback.png
  5. Click Save
    PS- Grading- click save.png

    Once saved, the score will also populate into Edgenuity's gradebook.

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