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Powerspeak- Features on the Course Options Page

These are the course options for a Powerspeak® course. These changes need to be made prior to enrolling students. Any changes made after students are enrolled, will affect all students. There is no way to individually modify a student's course unless a new course is created specifically for that student. 

PS- Course Options- home.png

Option Description
Classroom Name Change the name to be exactly what it was named when it was created. 
Class ID Do not change because this is how Edgenuity's system communicates with Powerspeak
Number of Lessons This is the number of lessons within the course. The courses are intended to be one lesson per day. Decreasing the lesson count will redistribute activities into a smaller timeframe. 
Checkbox Completion Check the box if students should complete the lessons in order. 
Start Date The date students are to start the course.
Locking Date Set this date for when you no longer want to allow students to access the course. 
Enrollment Date This is the target date an educator wants a student to have his/her coursework completed by. 

It is suggested to have the locking date and enrollment date be the same date.

If the box is checked to have students complete their coursework in order, the system works with the start and enrollment dates to set a number of lessons a student must complete within the day. If a student tries to get ahead on his/her coursework and it seems like he/she cannot move on, it is because an assignment for the day was not completed. 

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