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Powerspeak- Saving Grades to Edgenuity

Need to know how to access the Gradebook, click here

  1. On the bottom, left of the page click Save to Edgenuity.
    PS- Save Grade to Edge- Save to Edge button.png

    The button will only work on the classroom from which you entered Powerspeak. If Powerspeak was entered from a student's enrollment or from a course on the Manage Courses page, the associated Powerspeak classroom is the one that will be affected. To make changes to other classrooms, you will need to return to Edgenuity, find the class and reenter Powerspeak. From there, click Send to Edgenuity.

  2. The blue button and spinner mean the data is saving to Edgenuity.
    PS- Save Grade to Edge- blue items.png

    This will save all the enrollments in this class.


When navigating back to Edgenuity, a notification will say changes may not have been saved. If the blue button and spinner showed from above, the data was transferred. It is safe to leave Powerspeak.
PS- Save Grade to Edge- Safe to leave.png

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