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Powerspeak- Viewing the Correct Answers

Use this page to view the correct answers within an assessment in Powerspeak®.
  1. Click the Home button.
    PS- Customizing- home button.png

    Click the Gradebook icon.
    PS- Grading- apple icon.png

  2. Next to the course, click the Grades icon PS- A plus icon.png.
    PS- Grading- A plus icon.png
  3. The gradebook will show the student's scores per assignment as well as display an alerts. To learn more about the gradebook, click here
    PS- Grading- Nitara gradebook.png
  1. Select the assessment's total points to view the assessment.
    PS- Gradebook- answers- Click on total points.png
  2. Click the Pencil icon PS- Gradebook- Answers- pencil icon.png of the assessment to view.
    PS- Gradebook- Answers- Select the pencil icon.png
  3. View the correct and incorrect answers for the assessment.
    PS- Gradebook- Answers- View the corrent and incorrect answers.png
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