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World Language LMS- Grading Categories

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make an assignment count towards a grade?

To make an assignment count toward the assignment grade, a teacher will need to manually change the grade.

Wondering what grade weight category specific World Language LMS activities would fall? This page outlines the activities found throughout the courses and the corresponding grade weight category for each.


The World Language courses have moved into Edgenuity's system and with that comes a few changes to how the grading works. The chart below outlines the type of activity in a World Language course and where the score, if graded, would fall. 

Activities that are Not Counted by Default will not influence the student’s course grade. Educators can manually assign a grade to any activity using the Change Score option, and that score will be calculated into the grade weight category based on this chart.


Type of Task Activity Points Previously from Powerspeak Counted by Default LMS Object Grade Weight Cateogry
Mentor Any No Assignment Assignment
Audio 0 - 5 No Practice Assignment
Commentary Any No Assignment Assignment
Performance Any No Assignment Assignment
Essay 0 No Practice Essay
Essay > 0 Yes Writing Essay
Audio 26-999 Yes Speaking Exam Exam
Audio 6-20 Yes Speaking Quiz Quiz
Audio 21-25 Yes Speaking Test Test
Written Assessments < 5 No Practice N/A
Written Assessments 5-20 Yes Assessment Quiz
Written Assessments 21-50 Yes Assessment Test
Written Assessments > 50 Yes Assessment Exam


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