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World Languages- Grading a Speaking Assignment

Use this page to learn how to find and grade a World Language speaking assignment.


  1. Find the speaking assignment. Expand the unit and lesson of the speaking assignment needing graded. 
    WL- Grading- Speaking- find speaking assignment.png
  2. Click the assignment that contains Speaking
    WL- Grading- Speaking- the speaking assignment.png
  3. Click View
    WL- Grading- Speaking- click view.png
  4. Click the Play icon to hear the student's response. 
    WL- Grading- Speaking- play response.png
  5. Leave a written and/or audio comment, if desired. Then click Update Comments

    You can also leave written feedback that includes special, foreign language characters by using the ALT codes or by using the copy/paste method.

  6. To score, click out of this window. 
    WL- Grading- Speaking- click out of window.png
  7. Click Change Score
    WL- Grading- Speaking- change score option.png
  8. Enter New Score and Reason
    WL- Grading- Speaking- enter new score and reason.png

    The system reads the number placed in the score box as a percentage. If the student receives a 23/25 (92%), then put 92 in the New Score box. 

  9. Click Submit
    WL- Grading- Speaking- click submit.png
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